The Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Handzar, above in , was of the existence of a “Handzar Divizija” in the Bosnian Muslim Army. The original Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Handzar Division, shown above in Army known as the “Handzar Divizija”, i.e., the Handzar Division. At the trial, Gusic testified as follows: “This is an order whereby the following units , the Handzar Divizija, the Silver Fox Unit, become part of the special purposes.

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According to divisional commander Hampel, it had been exhausted even before Operation Hackfleisch began.

Over the same week, the Allies conducted Operation Ratweek throughout the Balkans, which involved Allied air power pounding Axis troop concentrations and key infrastructure in order to impede the German withdrawal from Greece. More than Partisans were killed and a large amount of equipment was captured: SS men do everything for the people.

This is the main source on the subject in Serbo-Croatian, and covers the Muslim autonomy movement as well as the division itself. Archived from the original PDF on 22 August According to one German after-action report, they had killed over 1, Partisans and captured large amounts of arms and ammunition.

Pavlowitch states that sixty percent of its recruits were Muslims and the rest were Yugoslav Volksdeutsche who made up the majority of its officers and non-commissioned officers. The division first saw action during Operation Wegweiser Signpost from 9 to 12 March Views Read Edit View history. Enlistees who were deemed “unsuitable for service” or “politically unreliable” were subsequently purged.

By the end of the first week in September, divisional supply columns were being attacked by Chetniks, sensing German weakness and looking for arms and supplies.


FlashBack: How Bosnian Muslims Reformed Nazi SS Division

The inability of the 27th Regiment to hanfzar forward meant that the plan to encircle the Partisan force was not achieved and the Partisans escaped by crossing the Vlasenica—Han Pijesak road to the east. Sauberzweig’s aim was to assault from the east and north, pushing the advancing Partisan forces against the Drina.

These same groups, along with the Partisans, had simultaneously been trying to diviziija Bosnian and Croat members to defect. By the time the division had completed its training, it was still about one third below its designated strength in both officers and NCOs, and its officer corps remained almost entirely German.

The Germans considered Operation Osterei a major success, achieving all objectives with minimal losses.

The Muslims received little protection from the Croatian Home Guardthe regular army of the NDH, whom the Germans described as “of minimal combat value”. The division, holding positions just south of the penetration, began to withdraw to the north-west.

As they broke out of the encirclement to the north, the rest of the reconnaissance battalion drove south from Bijeljina and stopped the Partisan advance at heavy cost. Most of the remaining members became prisoners of the British Army.

The retreat continued until 11 May. Before long, each of you shall be standing in the place that you call home, as a soldier and a gentleman; standing firm as a defender of the idea of saving the culture of Europe — the idea of Divozija Hitler.

Die Bosniakische Handschar Division – Bosnjacka Handzar Divizija | dagobertobellucci

The overall plan involved columns that were to force the Partisans eastwards into the pincers of the other units, thereby destroying them. Hackfleisch aimed to drive out the Partisans occupying the area between the towns of Kladanj, Vlasenica, Sokolac and Olovosouth of the security zone.

Bosnian Muslims in the Second World War. Genocid nad Muslimanima, — The 28th Regiment forced the Partisan 36th Vojvodina Division back. SS men wave the sacred banners.


The original plan included the parachute insertion of th SS Parachute Battalion into the Vlasenica area, but this was cancelled due to unsuitable weather. By Novemberthe autonomists were desperate to protect the Muslim people and wrote to Adolf Hitler asking that he annex Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Reich.

13. SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar

In the early morning of 3 Octoberthe Partisan 28th Slavonia Division assaulted a squadron of the reconnaissance battalion at Janja close to the Drina on the eastern boundary of the security zone. The romantic notions that Himmler had about the Bosnian Muslims were probably significant in the division’s genesis. It was given the title Handschar Bosnian: The local effect was to complicate the division’s logistics through destruction of the Sarajevo- Brod railway and mass desertions of NDH troops tasked with securing supply lines.

The division suffered 24 killed and over wounded. Hampel escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp in Fallingbostel. Propaganda and the Deceit of History.

The Death Camps of Croatia: Since its arrival in the zone the division had been assisted in this task by local forces of varying reliability.

For which anyone would gladly sacrifice his life. Ernst and Werner Gieseking. The columns were allocated tasks and composed as follows: This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat The Black Book of Bosnia: By handzad beginning of November the division, which had been ninety five percent non-German in Januarybecame fifty percent German.